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Proper installation and use of grinding wheel

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publish:2022-10-21 14:41:41  

1. The grinding wheel should be carefully checked before installation, and the grinding wheel should be struck with a wooden hammer to see whether there are cracks or abnormal sounds. If the grinding wheel is found to have cracks or mute sound, do not install it on the grinding machine or grinder.

2. When installing the grinding machine or grinder, the grinding wheel shall be equipped with a violet flange, and the outer diameter of the two flanges must be the same.

3. Between the flange and the grinding wheel, padding or cardboard made of elastic material should be placed on both sides, with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm.

4. The grinding wheel with an outer diameter of 150 mm or larger should be balanced first after mounting the flange, and then installed on the grinding machine for dressing. After dressing, the grinding wheel should be weighed before being used.

5. Violet grinding wheel should only be handled with special moving nut and tightened nut. Supplementary fixture or anti-punching tool is prohibited.

6 with screws or nuts pressed flange, must be in the opposite side of the spindle symmetrical order, and fractional step by step.

7. After the grinding wheel is installed on the main shaft of the grinding machine, it must be idled for at least 2 minutes if the grinding wheel with the outer diameter < 400 mm is protected; Outer diameter & gt; No less than 5 minutes for 400 mm grinding wheels

8. The maximum working line speed of the grinding wheel should not exceed the limit. Special dressing tools should be used for dressing the grinding wheel.

9. When the grinding wheel is machining the workpiece, it is forbidden to push the workpiece with lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

10. Resin bond grinding wheel should not be operated under coolant containing more than 1.5% alkaline.

11. Grinder does not need coolant workshop, must be equipped with dust removal mount.

12. Grinding wheels not working on special end faces shall not be operated on the end faces of grinding wheels

13. The workshop or site where grinding wheels are used should have safe operating procedures for the installation, use and testing of grinding tools.

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