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The storage of the grinding wheels

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publish:2022-10-21 14:38:44  

1. The place where the grinding wheel is stored should be stable and relatively dry, and the room temperature should not be lower than 5℃. The grinding wheel should be placed on the shelf, and should not be kept high to avoid crushing and collapse. The CERTIFICATE and mark OF THE grinding wheel must be placed together with the grinding wheel to prevent confusion.

2. The height of resin sliding grinding wheel should not exceed 160mm, and it should be placed in the middle of the flat and smooth iron plate, and a certain load should be pressed on it to prevent deformation of the grinding wheel.

3.If the resin grinding wheel has been stored for more than one year, it should be tested again before it can be used.

4. In the process of handling the grinding wheel, it is strictly forbidden to roll, and should be handled with care to prevent cracks, dark lines, cracks, edges and other phenomena caused by vibration and impact, so as to ensure the safety of use.

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